For 30 years of investigation living, I have continued to think, when I were led to by other individuals who went before, that my Irish ancestor was Captain John PIGOTT, of King's Co, who had a boy called Bob PIGOTT who was created in Dublin about 1759. The Frigate Chester, Chief PIGOTT, sailed from Offer for Barbados, 20 July 1728 The Daily Record, London, Friday Emergency Plumber Dublin 22 July; attained Barbados from London, 21 September 1728 Daily Diary, Thursday 9 Nov; arrived Falmouth from Barbados, 23 December 1728 Daily Log, 1 January 1729; sailed from Plymouth for Birmingham, 12 January 1729 Daily Newspaper, Friday 16 Jan; and came at Deal, from Barbados, 15 January 1729 Daily Record, Friday 17 January.

Further, the marriage notice released in Faulkner's Dublin Journal in July 1759, saved the marriage of Chief PIGOTT and Mrs LUMLEY - which implies this marriage was towards the younger John PIGOTT, who had been subsequently more recently involved while in the transatlantic industry as a vessel's Chief, and never his older nephew who seemingly have well since retired to maintain his acquired Irish property interests.

WELMAN offered again in India from August 1836 - at Cannanore, then from May-June 1839 in Trichinopoly, and back through Bangalore (February 1840) to Madras (January 1841), until he was detached from the Program in Asia in July 1841; he retired from the Military on 2 October 1841, after nearly 40 years service (19 years 8 months 12 days service Abroad, and 19 years 2 months House company).